I usually like for my new year to come in with a motivational bang!  It came in with a bang alright…starting with my Great Dane having tummy trouble on January 1st!  I had cleaned up major dog poo and vomit by 9AM! Good news, he’s fine, just got into the human food again, and it upsets his stomach…bad dog!  January 2nd, I had the flu and I could not move…like for real, I even asked if a catheter was a possibility, as I didn’t really want to walk 10 feet to a bathroom from my bed. So..I’m a week late, but I’m here!

I don’t usually do “resolutions” or maybe I do and I just don’t call them resolutions.  I call them goals!  I have a few, and despite my slow start, I’m on my way!!!

  1. 2020 miles in 2020!! I’m going to walk at least that many miles this year! I know that I’ve seen this one listed by a few people.  I don’t mind if it is a copy cat, it’s a good one! Despite my inability to move a couple of days…I still have a few miles under my belt so far.  I can just imagine how annoying my mile counting will be for the whole family when I’m well enough to actually work on it!
  2. 2020 things out!  If the kids thought I was decluttering last year…they haven’t seen anything yet, my goal is to remove 2020 things from my home/property in 2020!  I’ve already gotten rid of almost 50!  That’s another thing I’ll drive the family crazy with!  Only rule, it can’t be disposable items, they don’t count, because let’s face it, they were trash anyway, and going out the door!
  3. 20 hikes!  That’ll kick my 2020 miles in the butt!  It’s my favorite thing to do, it’s beautiful, it cost almost nothing, and it’s good for me!  I can see the big 40 coming a mile away, it’s not even trying to creep up on me! I’m determined to be in better shape for 40 than I was at 30!
  4. 20 new locations!  And no, each hike can’t count as a new location, because I’ve already done most of the major hiking spots in my little corner of the world, so they are not new locations! I will go see the Mayberry town this year, mark my words!
  5. 2020 in savings.  Yup, around $5.50 a day, goes into my savings, auto drafted over by my bank for me, so I won’t even notice.  It’s just smart to have a good nest egg, you never know what might come up!

That’s it, that’s my top 5, simple and to the point.  I got this!  I mean, technically, I get less than a year, I pretty much missed the first week and all, but I’m on the mend, feeling better and ready to roll into a new year!  Happy New Year!

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