DAY 4!

I’m happy to report, on day four of my 30 days of running to become a habit…that I’ve kept this promise to myself!  I’m up to a couple of miles a day.  I started with a mile, and intended to run a little more each day.  The thing is, that I wasn’t pushing myself, so I bumped it up to 2 miles.  It’s summer, we have 90 degree days, and I hate treadmills. I feel like it’s a fake run…just a personal thing that I got stuck in my head.  There is nothing actually wrong with a treadmill.  Most of them even incline for uphill running.  Off topic Jeanie, move on…I feel AMAZING! I never thought that I was a runner..but look at me!!!  I guess I can be.  It gives me such a boost that I have the energy to work on my other goals all day long as well!  It’s also a great time to clear my head.  It’s like meditation in motion!

Now, just because I am going to share a picture of my sweat with you.  I actually took the picture because I looked down and saw my reflection in my phone thinking it looked like I had morning dew in my hair!  Also, I did a super awesome job of jumping off some doggy business on my path…at least I think it belonged to a dog.  Living in the country with no sidewalks is not always a cup of tea!

Please ignore the hair going in every direction!

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