It is super important for me to stay on goal. If I don’t have something to keep me motivated, I will never get anything done. Understanding that about myself was probably my best “aha” moment ever!  It’s not easy being the maid, the cook, the bookkeeper, the personal shopper, the teacher, the mom, and hold down a full time job.  It’s so easy to lose yourself in the days that never seem to stop going.  When I woke up one morning…who are we kidding, I was avoiding work and surfing Pinterest…and decided that I needed to get my shit together, I had a notebook and a pen.  That’s all you really need to be organized, it really is.  However, I have come to love (not need) some very awesome things to keep me on task!

My vision board.  My kid would look at it and wonder what half of it is, but I know what the pictures mean.  I try not to over-clutter it so that it doesn’t feel like a massive undertaking that I’ll never do.  Some people say concentrate on one thing at a time.  Some people say work on all of them a little every single day.  Me?  I work on what moves me, and that usually helps the other goals fall into place.  Example: I want to eat better.  I want to exercise and hike a certain mountain.  They go hand in hand.  They just do.  Every pack a hiking bag with a pizza?  Of course not.  I pack water, dried fruit, nuts, and the best protein I can find because I need my body to be fueled, not weighed down with stomach bloat!

My Freedom Mastery Planner.  You can get a planner anywhere, and you can read affirmations anywhere.  This book makes me happy.  It puts everything in one awesome book.  I have affirmations, 90 day goals, 2 year goals, daily agenda by the hour…monthly by the day.  It even has stickers!

My Rachel Hollis books.  If you haven’t read them, I would highly advise it!  It will, without a doubt, give you the boost that you need.  The nudge to get off your ass and go for it.  She’s amazing…guess that’s why she’s so popular, huh?

My “Zen as F*ck” journal.  It’s a nice pick me up.  I’m not offended by a little foul language, and the book is full of little quotes that really hit home!

My pens.  Yes, that’s right, pens.  I like for my writing to be neat, no matter what it is that I’m writing about, for the day, the week, the month, the year.  I don’t want to go back to an ugly page later.

My Plant Therapy.  I love oils.  I like to do things naturally. I don’t always because I’m not educated enough, but when I can, or when I find something that cleans my stainless steel fridge like nothing else, I’m an oil fanatic.  My citrus oils make me the happiest.  I turn on a diffuser and get that clean, crisp smell, and it just makes me happy.

My Nitiraj Meditation Incense sticks.  I’ve never been huge on incense.  I walk into a store with a large selection and I’m immediately turned off by the smell.  I don’t like to feel overpowered.  However!!!! These smell so good.  The smell is just clean. It doesn’t overpower the room or smell woodsy (which some people like..I’m not saying I hate woodsy, it’s just not my favorite smell…I live in the woods on a mountain).  I love, love, love these!!!!  It’s super awesome when you have two great danes in your house and well, try as you might, there is always a little bit of a dog smell…stink no more!!!

My iPad.  I know, I know, it’s an electronic.  I like it.  I can read free books on it…cause I’m cheap.  i can store my pics, check social media.  It’s bigger than a phone, but so much smaller than a computer or laptop.  I have an app for meditation, and brain games, and it’s just so darn portable!

These are not things that I went out and bought all at once.  I picked them up, here and there.  Other than the iPad, they were all fairly cheap. I’m a huge Amazon fan.  I don’t like to feel like I’m spending a lot of money.  These are the things that I’ve incorporated in my life to make me feel like I’m staying on track.  If you, like me, have trouble feeling motivated, you may try one or some of these things. I place them in spots they are easy to see, easy to grab.  So, even though it feels like a Monday, because it is a Monday, I’m up, a few hours before I even start my work day, plugging at a keyboard after having a nice walk.  I’ve meditated, I’ve read, I’ve had my smoothie, and I’m ready to work toward those goals I put on my vision board!  Happy Monday!

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