Starting my day out right may be the single most important thing that I do all day.  It allows me to get motivated. I can’t do that if I’m the last one up needing to start work in ten minutes.  So, yes, I’ve become an early riser.  No one would have believed that 20 years ago when I would sleep until noon.  This is where I carve out my “me time”.  It doesn’t work for everyone’s schedule with work and babies, etc etc.

5:00AM Wake up!  (With the exception of weekends.) Walk the dogs, make a smoothie, drink it without any kids awake to be buggin’ on me.  I love my kids, but I like a little peace.

5:30AM Planning!  My Freedom Mastery journal has everything I need for planning, positive affirmations, goal reviews!  Review of bills, making payments, putting everything in writing.

6:00AM Yoga!  Nothing loosens up those tight muscles better than stretching them in a gentle morning routine.  I adore Yoga with Adriene!  It’s free on Youtube, I can do it at home, and I feel like a new person when I’m done every single time.

6:45AM (ish) Meditation!  Just a few minutes to get myself in order.  This can be 15 minutes, this can be a half an hour, whatever I need that day!

7:00AM Garden/berry picking! (seasonal)…Beating the heat is always a plus, and it feeds my family organic food for pennies on the dollar from what I’ve spent on supplies…minus the blood, sweat and tears.  It’s the good type of work, though!  It’s also good for teaching my children responsibility and hard work..their favorite!

8:00AM Straighten up house, listening to music and/or podcast that adds to my motivation! This hour should get me moving, and I only listen to things that add to my mentality.

Now, I’m ready for a day of  job/school/house work!



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