New Year…errr Same Me

I like to think every January that this is the year!  The year I will finally get my house and my finances and my kids and the school work all under control.  Who are we even kidding?  Chaos is where I live.  Some days I find myself in a partner meeting on mute while dinner is getting just a little too done and explaining for the hundredth time that “Interrogative” really is a fancy way of saying “question”.  I think my son often enjoys that look on my face when he knows I’ve already reviewed something a thousand times.  He’s actually a very smart kid, which is why I know he’s just trying to drive me nuts.  He did however ask me what Nashville was not too long ago.  I mean, the kid knows pc codes, but didn’t know a city.  I keep telling people this story because it’s proof, he really is the smartest dumb person that I know.  (I say that with a mother’s love wrapped up in “are you f*cking kidding me???”)

It’s almost fun to hit reset on January 1st.  Last year, the theme for 2018 was “INTENTION”.  My work husband and one of my very favorite people on the entire planet came up with that one.  She felt like she needed to take control of her life as well.  We both did really well for a couple of months, then got lost in one project or another at work, and it became “SURVIVAL” for the remaining 2018.  This year, I’m going with “PEACE”.  I don’t mean it in the sense that we are crazy Jerry Springer dramatics with no peace now.  I mean it as in peace within me.  I can’t help but forget, after spending 10 hours working, another 4 hours working on school work, trying not to doze off while my kid is reading White Fang to me.  I have four children, he’s the youngest, so let’s just say I’ve heard this story before.  Throw in the laundry and the meals, and well…I’m too tired to take care of my very own desires, like reading a book, meditating, hiding from everyone…  Hence…inner peace is the goal.

I just keep having to remind myself that I need to take a minute and calm whatever emotion is driving me up a wall. So much easier said than done!  I did get two really awesome tools.  Thanks to Amazon, I even have time to shop a little  now and then..even though I hate shopping online sometimes.  I feel like I’m taking someone’s job away.  In my defense, I don’t usually buy clothes online. You can’t really know they fit until you try them on.  My first tool, a journal called ZEN as F*CK by Monica Sweeney.  I wouldn’t leave this one lying around for the kids to see if you don’t want them reading bad words. I love, love, love it!  Gives me peace with a side of humor. It even lets me color just a bit.  Now, the other one is a Freedom Mastery planner/journal.  It’s like a book of awesome. It has monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals, allows you to look at your life in what you want to accomplish in the years to come.  Oh!  And, it has stickers.  Who does not like stickers?  I love them both.  I have a friend who went in an entirely different direction with a planner because she’s not into the whole enlightenment thing.  You have to be in to that kind of thing to enjoy it.

Just so you know, I have not been contacted, solicited, paid, asked to review, etc etc etc either the journal or the planner. Happy New Year and may you go into 2019 with the best of intentions and find your own inner peace!


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